About Us

HOPE is a family of development organizations dedicated to strengthening communities, building assets and improving lives in the Delta and other economically distressed parts of Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Tennessee.  Comprised of a regional credit union (Hope Credit Union), loan fund (Hope Enterprise Corporation) and policy center (Hope Policy Institute), HOPE has provided financial services, leveraged private and public resources, and shaped policies that have benefited more than 650,000 residents in one of the nation’s most persistently poor regions.

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Read more about HOPE’s work in distressed communities after Hurricane Katrina devastated the Mississippi Gulf Coast in our special report, HOPE After the Storm, as we commemorate the 10th anniversary of the storm. The report highlights the successful cooperation of countless individuals, nonprofits, public agencies, private companies and others who shared the common goal of getting people back on their feet after the storm. Read the full report.


Building HOPE

The implications of persistent poverty are severe, limiting opportunities for families and communities with regard to education, health, jobs, and the ability to build assets for the future. Together, we can improve lives in high-poverty areas. Together, we can make our economy stronger and more equitable. Together, we can ensure that all children, no matter where they live, have a chance to grow up healthy and succeed in life. Together, we can do more….

…but we must take action now.

Please support our $50 million capital campaign to fortify opportunity structures and foster economic inclusion in persistent poverty areas throughout the Mid South.

Together… there is HOPE.

Learn more about this opportunity to transform the economy of the Mid South here.

HOPE for Hope

Bringing Hope to the Community!

Bill Bynum | Winner of John P. McNulty Prize 2013

The Case for Economic Justice: Bill Clinton on HOPE


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